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Finally, MG goes ‘electric’!

MG has announced its first affordable electric car, reports Iain Robertson, heralding its arrival with a manufacturer matching of the government’s £3,500 EV grant, which equates to a massive £7,000 discount off a new car priced notionally from £28,495.

25 years of RS – Audi’s living legacy of high-performance motoring

From its first tentative steps, aided by Porsche and a rallying past that had been stellar, writes Iain Robertson, Audi pursued high-power dependability as its ‘cause celebre’ that it has ring-fenced judiciously to ensure that its halo remains untarnished.

Corolla returns to Toyota’s stable in a much-improved state

As one of the elder statesmen of the oriental fold, reports Iain Robertson, the decades old Corolla is a mass-market badge that has seldom excited but has fitted timely, comfortably and, for Toyota, fruitfully into its world-leading range of models.

A Stig history but, no, not those others…the original

If you have ever wondered why the ‘BBC Top Gear’ team ever named their voiceless test driving professional ‘The Stig’, writes Iain Robertson, then you can find out yourself, if you attend the Silverstone Classic event between 26th-28th July 2019.

Come on! You know you want to…Mini goes affordable EV

Owned and engineered by BMW and possessing more motoring clichés than might be healthy, highlights Iain Robertson, it is easy to be cynical about the latest Mini EV but I have to admit that, even at £27,900 (list price), it looks kind of ‘cute’!

Renault dares to be different with thrilling new Megane RS

There was a time, recalls Iain Robertson, when Ford Motor Company was deeply entrenched in motorsports and reflected its involvement in celebratory versions of its road cars, now a rarity for the American carmaker, although Renault has taken over.

Bentley feels proud to be British in setting new record

Unlike its former stablemate, Rolls-Royce, at least Bentley can claim that it still designs, develops and produces complete cars in the UK, highlights Iain Robertson, as the brand established a new production class hillclimb record in Colorado, USA.

Revised Nissan Navara makes the best pickup even better

Featuring an array of upgraded technologies, the Navara is top of the class in the pick-up truck sector, states Iain Robertson, supported by an industry-leading, pan-European 5 years/100,000-miles warranty as part of a compelling proposition.

Amazing Suzuki Vitara takes 1.0-litre route to 50mpg viability

Having tested an automatic gearbox version of this car earlier this year, Iain Robertson was keen to put the manual alternative through its paces and he states categorically that there is no better car/engine combo for modern motoring needs.

ST takes Ford Focus on a sporting twist for the better

While having been left ‘unmoved’ by the basic Ford Focus, reports Iain Robertson, the significantly more focused ST variant continues a positive stance, from where the previous generation car left off and the news is mostly good, which is a relief.

Puma name revived for all-new compact Ford SUV

Adopting a ‘better-late-than-never’ stance for its all-new compact crossover, writes Iain Robertson, Ford Motor Company is hoping that its fresh focus on future products, notably of SUVs, will offset the negativity of 12,000 pan-European job losses.

Familiar looks but mostly new Renault Captur aims to captivate

As a measure of the importance of the compact SUV sector, reports Iain Robertson, since the original Captur’s launch in 2013, it has sold 1.2m units and is the European best seller in class, a factor that Renault intends to reinforce with Chinese production.

Revised powertrain options make Volvo’s XC40 an even better proposition

Superlatives galore have been heaped on the entire Volvo range but, reports Iain Robertson, one of the Sino-Swedish brand’s most in-demand new models is the XC40 compact SUV and its latest versions make it even more desirable.

Vauxhall launches its most important new Astra model

While the official details are still thin on the ground, Iain Robertson can reveal a PSA-led revolution for a car range that should not disappoint on any level, thanks to a raft of both shared and new technology to whisk the Astra to a secure future.

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